Saturday, November 09, 2002


bad communicator
today is one of those days which i felt being miss under stood, big time... sometimes it's either whatever i said is irrelevant or i'm just a bad communicator as it seems. my thoughts, ideals and preferences are categorized as "2nd hand"... not so important afterall, in-considerate sometimes and most of the time i can be even interpreted as self-centred. am i ? am i really those who just do things my way??? you think so, REALLY think so...???

know me?
perhaps, i am showing just part of what i really am. nobody actually knows as thoroughly as one claims, not even the one who claims ' i know all about you..' do you? do you really know my mind, my soul, my heart? or you are just claiming to scrap the tip of the ice-berg, deeper. i am not shallow though i acted like one sometimes, neither am i stupid...

today is a good day of sun, perhaps rain later and lotsa of self-reflection to deal with... it is not as easy as it may seems to make decisions...and very often i am also being mis.interpreted my thoughts and ideas as DECISIONS...and by the way, they aren't dunn try to jump into my conclusions way ahead of me...

or perhaps, when people are tired and stressed...they tend to be more sensitive than usual. therefore i choose to think that the interpretor is tired. nothing personal. so if you are tired, please go and rest...nothing beats that.


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