Friday, September 27, 2002

a lazy weekend

i had a good day at work today, enjoyed the cool after all the rain and did quite a good amt of work. feeling accomplished, i think.

tomorrow is sonic edge but i dunch think i am going cos' i need to spend more time at home with my folks or at least worked from home...sometimes our presence means alot to them. moreover, i've a short skit in COOS sometime in the evening...this's my very first stint in COOS. pray for grace and might of the holy one!!! let's go!!!

now, i'm already planning my 'what to do's' for the next 2 days which usually I dunch when john was around, cos whenever it comes to weekend we will stick around each other like 'cow glue' wherever we go, guess we really enjoy each other's presence...yaw!!! however, i do like being alone too, it gives me space to do what i want to do, no more reasons to 'submit' or excuses to say ' i am busy '... that's what i like!!! i even turned down one wedding dinner and a primary school gathering just for a personal get away...hmm...

my plan are:
+ get materials from BBC or store to make model
+ finish my drawings
+ pack my room cos' my sister bought new things back
+ looking for the phone list i lost, darn!!!
+ make some nice food for myself on sunday night
+ have cheese and wine & bible reading ( my version of QUIET TIME)

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