Tuesday, September 03, 2002

i've been struggling alot these days. Most of the time didn't quite know who my enemies are, where are they from...

it's strange that i'm still facing with depression after all these years which i very much thought was a 'teenage fab'
i last remember that i lost a total of 9kg after 2 mths of neat,un-human dieting and exercising.

now, 10 years later, i know i'll never want to go back to those days without food or obessive work-out as a form of self-punishment
but i seriously want to re-direct all my questions back to God. if He's perhaps free for me on a saturday morning breakfast,
guess He'll be more punctual than i do.

i have no answers to all LIFE's questions, perhaps some can even be so silly to ask...yet i know and want to assure myself
"ALL IS WELL" God will take care of my queries and more and all...it's all i need for tonight.

should my loved one come and ask me all those questions again.
maybe you should go ask GOD, i'm no God. i, myself is also seeking like any other wondering being on this earth.
hope you get the answers just as soon as mine. Then, perhaps we can sit down and exchange our notes over a cup of latte
and carrot cake with cream.(my favourite)

another day, another hour slips by...*yawn*

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